Southern Fried


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St. Martin's Minotaur


Hardcover, Softcover, E-Book

Original Release Date:

April 7, 2004


Avery Andrews has just been downsized from her job in a law office in a North Carolina city and has returned to her small home town to lick her wounds and consider, with hesitation, trying to set up a law practice there. She quickly gets a client or two, and immediately the company building owned by one is destroyed by arson, and the body found inside was quite probably murdered. Meanwhile, an old high-school classmate has told the entire county that he is hopelessly in love with Avery and makes several attempts at spectacular suicides, each one of them carefully set up not to work. All in all, Avery finds that small-town life is not nearly so dull as she feared. And sometimes wishes it were.


“ … assured debut, a cozy with some sharp edges. … Avery proves a likeable and competent sleuth. … The natives of Dacus and the surrounding hills are convincing Southerners, and little gems of landscape description appear throughout.” -Publisher's Weekly

“ … tidy plotting … gossipy humor, colorful characters, and Southern ethos. Highly recommended for most collections.” -Library Journal

“ … soaked in tart atmosphere, [Dacus, South Carolina] is well worth a visit …” -Kirkus Reviews

“… has a welcome and surprising sharpness of observation mixed in with its cozier qualities … definitely has the look of a keeper.” Dick Adler, Chicago Tribune


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